AOX Column Autosampler with 42 positions

The Tuscan column sampler delivers content of the Adsorbable Organic Halogens / Total Organic Halogens (AOX/TOX) column method automatically into the Xplorer sample boat. Once the columns are placed in the Tuscan, TEIS software controls the introduction of samples. Assisted by boat introduction, there is full control over the combustion speed of sample and carbon. The Tuscan column sampler is capable of introducing 42 columns without any intervention!

Installing and operating the Tuscan column sampler is quick and easy. The installation and repositioning of the sampler takes about 10 seconds, removing about 3 seconds. No calibration requirements at all. Mechanical fixture and power/control connections are fully integrated. After a complete tray of AOX/TOX samples, only little remains are left in the boat. Because of the horizontal position of the furnace tube, there is absolutely no need for removing the combustion tube from the hot furnace. Removing ash and ceramic wool remains by emptying the boat, only takes about 1 minute!

TEIS software fully controls all sampler parameters. For example the priority of the sample, one or two columns in one combustion run, auto recognition, initialization procedure, auto adjustment and empty position alert. ISO, EPA and DIN methods (e.g. ISO 9562, EPA 9020) are available in the software. Customization of desirable methods is possible.

Combine the Tuscan column autosampler with the Xprep-A series sample preparation system for fast, unattended analysis with minimal human intervention and labor time!



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International Standards

ISO 9562, ASTM D4744, EPA 9020B, EPA 1650B

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