TE Instruments – The Netherlands

Trace Elemental Instruments is the successor of several well-known brands in the Laboratory Instruments market for Elemental Combustion Analyzers, namely Euroglas, Thermo Electron, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. The start of instrument manufacturing goes back to the 1980s in another location in Delft, NL. In 1993, Euroglas moved to the present location at the Voltaweg in Delft.

Today our company employs over 55 employees serving our customers on a wide range of disciplines, divided over two main locations. More than 15 colleagues have already reached 20+ years of experience with our products.

Trace Elemental Instruments – location Delft, The Netherlands (headquarters)

The headquarter hosts all necessary disciplines related to our industry. The ambition of Trace Elemental Instruments is to be the knowledge leader in all aspects of our business. Investing in strategic research enables us to continuously innovate and always deliver the latest technologies to the market in terms of productivity, reliability, sensitivity, user-intuition, digitalization, and cost-of-operation balance.

R&D Department
In-house electronics and mechanical expertise enable maintaining the highest standard and develop new products.

IT Department 
Growing department as digitalization continuously becomes more important in all aspects of work and private life.

Sourcing & Procurement 
Ensure sufficient inventory to support manufacturing and daily parts/consumables orders from our customers.

This is a growing department due to the introduction of many new products to the marketplace.

Glass Manufacturing 
KEY asset for the company. Critical for the development of glassware for specific applications besides daily requests for glass parts from customers.

Quality & Safety      
Maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. Manage all accreditations like ISO and continuously develop process efficiency using LEAN/Sigma mechanism.

Warehouse & Logistics 
All internal materials logistics besides preparation of Instrument freight and daily incoming and outgoing parcels.

Administration & Accounting  
First-line communication with relations, manage all order processing up to financial and accounting matters.

Sales & Distribution  
Direct sales activities in Western Europe + over 40 global Distribution Partners in all parts of the world (many already working with us for over 20 years!).

Technical Support
Maintain communication with customers after the field installations, service interventions for customers, and remote support for our distribution partners.

Responsible for global marketing, training programs, online media for our growing product portfolio.

Application Laboratories  
The labs are a critical asset for customers to see live-demos, application development, training, and remote support.