Welcome to TE Instruments

All departments at TE Instruments contribute to the high quality standard of our products. Production, Laboratory, Quality Control, Glass Manufacturing Facility and Warehouse, each responsible for their specific part of the production process, are perfectly aligned in order to efficiently create your elemental analyzer.

The production process starts with collecting all required parts to build the instrument. Parts made out of quartz glass are produced by our in house Glass Manufacturing Department. Most of our glass engineers learned the trade during the Thermo/Euroglas era. This experience contributes to the outstanding quality of our glass products. They truly know all relevant ins & outs in order to get the part up to its design specification. We work with several partner companies throughout the world to provide a complete inventory of application-specific glassware for our current and historical install base. TE Instruments manufactures the complete line of laboratory glassware for all instruments once manufactured in Delft. On request, we can easily modify or customize any of our standard products in order to fit your specific application requirements.

When all parts are at hand, the production engineers start assembling the instrument. With extreme precision and craftsmanship, the instrument is build. Our production engineers also gained their experience during the Thermo/Euroglas era. Experience counts! Resulting in world-class products.

Our Quality Control and Application Specialists extensively test the products in order to comply with the highest quality standards. We pay great attention to our products and attach high importance to testing procedures. Check, Check, Double Check! Wondering how your specific application should be carried out? Our laboratory offers application development services to determine the right settings and method of analysis.

Warehouse provides quality storage and ensures that everything is well-packed in order to deliver the products in good condition according to planning.


Order (spare) parts at for your analyzer that was created by the companies Euroglastm or ThermoEuroglastm. We supply the highest quality replacement products. Simply ordered and delivered to your office, anywhere in the world! Our team is able to reproduce equivalent parts to support your current elemental analyzer. Analyzers that have been produced at our site in Delft:

• ECS 1000 • ECS 2000 • ECS 1600
• ECS 1700 • ECS 1200 • ECS 3000
• TN/TS 3000 • TOC 1200 • HiPerTOC
• DeXtar • XVI+ • SphiNCX
• TS 4000

We produce premium parts of excellent quality which is paramount for the optimal use and performance of your analyzer. Besides premium parts we offer perfectly redesigned OEM substitutes, with similar or even better product specifications! We simply love to improve your performance!