eLearning Session

Event date: April 20, 2021

eLearning Session

Strengthen your Lab Performance: Learn about new developments on Sulfur and Nitrogen determination

Date: Tuesday 20th April

Time: 04:00 PM British Summer Time

Precision, accuracy and robustness are key words and essential parameters to determine the effectiveness of any analytical application. Surveyors, refinery, and QC labs must determine the Nitrogen and Sulfur content with fewer personnel while the number of samples keep increasing and the time to report is under pressure. Moreover, all these analyses must be done in compliance with a variety of test methods, such as the ASTM D5453, ASTMD4629 and ASTM D6667.

All these factors are pressing on the role of operators of analytical instrumentation these days.

As an operator, you should always be ready for the next sample that comes in. Simply said, no time to waste; you need results now!

In this eLearning session, TE Instruments introduces new developments for combined Nitrogen and Sulfur determination in Hydrocarbon matrices. How to boost up your sample consistency and keep producing reliable results on a steady analyzer platform.

Every participant of this online e-learning will be offered a TE Instrument certificate of attendance.

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