Boat Inlet System

Boat Inlet System

The boat inlet system – often referred to as boat module – is used for the controlled introduction of liquid and solid samples into the heated furnace of the analyzer. Liquid samples are injected on quartz wool and solid samples are directly placed into the quartz boat. This can be done manually or by using an auto sampler.

The analyzer can position the sample carrying mechanism (quartz boat) at a retracted position, removed from the furnace, to enable sample introduction. Often there is a cooling mechanism available at the retracted position for the following purposes:

1. Cooling down of the quartz boat after sample analysis.
2. Preventing ‘pre-evaporation’ of samples with lower boiling point components.

A boat driver mechanism controls the movement of the quartz boat into and out of the furnace at a controlled and repeatable rate. After sample introduction, the quartz boat is transferred from the retracted position to the hottest area of the dual zone furnace. This area is typically heated at 1000+ ℃ to ensure a complete combustion of the sample. The rate at which the quartz boat moves into the combustion tube is saved in the customizable boat program and depends on characteristics of the sample. The combustion tube as well as the sample boat are made out of quartz glass which can withstand extreme high temperatures.

Almost every type of sample from solids to liquids can be introduced by the Boat Inlet System.