TEIS Software

TE Instruments analytical Software (TEIS)

TEIS analytical software improves the productivity of your lab. Ensuring intuitive and smooth control of your analysis. The user interface of the TE Instruments Software (TEIS) hardly needs any explanation. TEIS assists the user to achieve routine analyses in an efficient, fast and reliable way. Its simplicity ensures smooth operation of all our analyzers with intuitive controls and operation features. Modify sample lists, calibration lines, and evaluate data in just a few clicks. Sample data is transferred easily to LIMS or exported in commonly used formats such as PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV, or TXT. Sensor readings and generated log files help the user to handle daily matters and plan a service intervention ahead in time. No surprises!

All the TE Instruments devices run on the same software platform; multiple instruments can be operated from one PC.

Method Manager
Use default or customized methods from the pre-loaded library
Device Status
Status overview of every connected device
Sample Manager
Clear data collection, processing, and (customized) reporting
Task Manager
Schedule or prioritize tasks automatically
Large-scale operational data collection
All important parameters at a glance