Total bound Nitrogen

Total bound Nitrogen (TNb) stands for the sum parameter of all organic nitrogen (e.g. urea, nicotinic acid), and inorganic nitrogen (e.g. Ammonium, Nitrates) compounds present in a water sample. Industrial plants monitor the amount of organic substances in their wastewater to ensure that it has been treated adequately before discharge. Environmental protection agencies created stringent regulations to which the discharged wastewater must comply. Polluting substances of organic matter that may be present in these effluents are harmful to the environment. If an excess amount of nitrogen is present in water, it may lead to low levels of dissolved oxygen and negatively alter various plant life and organisms. To protect the environment, the Total bound Nitrogen (TNb) sum parameter is measured in environmental and industrial laboratories. These measurements are also used in monitoring waste water treatment processes.

International test methods to determine the amount of Total bound Nitrogen (TNb) in water samples: ASTM D8083ISO 11905-2EN 12260