Introducing the Next-Gen Total Nitrogen and Sulfur analyzer!

Meet the Xplorer-V

The Xplorer-V is a new fully automated Nitrogen and Sulfur analyzer that offers the most features out of the smallest footprint. Completely optimized for your hydrocarbon sample analysis: offering fast combined TN/TS analysis, top detection performances, smart operation features, data-driven robustness all in one single configuration. The analyzer produces accurate results rapidly and suggests user actions based on extensive data collection. The Xplorer-V is designed to provide the best analytical experience when running hydrocarbon applications according to relevant international test methods, such as ASTM, DIN, ISO, and UOP.

Xplorer-V, your reliable new lab partner!

The Xplorer-V utilizes an internal 26 position liquid autosampler, vertically oriented furnace, and best-in-class detectors to deliver spot-on liquid sample results in less than 3 minutes. Optionally, the analyzer can be configured with sampling systems for the automated analysis of LPG and Gaseous matrices. The various system components are perfectly aligned, enabling accurate sample introduction, combustion, and conditioning, which create the ideal circumstances for unparalleled detection performances. This powerful configuration comes together in the smallest combined Nitrogen and Sulfur analyzer on the market.

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