Meet the Brand New XLS-30 Liquid Autosampler!

Run your liquid sample analyses completely unattended with the XLS-30, a unique automatic sampling and injection device that reduces your workload and improves analytical consistency. It operates with a constant rate injection mode and a high capacity microlitre syringe to aspirate and dispense liquid samples accurately. The autosampler has been designed to offer the best balance of quality and affordability that perfectly fits the requirements of liquid applications according to international test methods such as ASTM, DIN, ISO, and UOP.

Entry-Level Sampling System offering High-End Features

The XLS-30 is set up to work with 2 mL vials from a 30 position sample tray. Analysis time is determined dynamically based on the selected sample volume and customised methods are available for specific application requirements. Due to the unique design of the XLS-30, the sample is dispensed with high accuracy and the needle is rinsed with a selectable volume of solvent. Cross contamination is avoided because the sample never gets in contact with the syringe. The system status is indicated by an LED strip and performance parameters are continuously monitored in TEIS Software. Calibration sequences are created effortlessly by the auto-dilution function and related software wizard. Rely on the robustness of the XLS-30 and improve your analytical performance in terms of repeatability.

Test Method Compliance

The XLS-30 aspirates a pre-defined sample volume with high accuracy and volumetrically injects the sample material at a constant rate into the introduction module. The automatic sampling and injection device ensures uniform introduction of liquid samples into the direct injection system or boat module of the Xplorer Series or Xprep C-IC. The XLS-30 features a micro-liter syringe with large capacity (5 – 250 µL) and a versatile constant rate injector (0.5 – 30 µL/s). The liquid autosampler XLS-30 forms a powerful combination together with our elemental combustion solutions.

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Meet the Brand New XLS-30 Liquid Autosampler!