Carefree Analysis of Pressurized Gas & LPG

The analysis of gas and LPG samples is often considered as a challenge. Related sampling systems must be able to process a wide range of samples, contained in cylinders at varying pressure levels. Safety is another important aspect due to the flammable nature of Gas and LPG, posing a potential risk to the laboratory environment. The GLS autosampler enables the user-friendly, safe and accurate introduction of pressurized. Multiple safety features have been implemented to improve operator safety.

Gas Leakage Sensor

The Gas Leakage Sensor constantly monitors the composition of ambient air inside the GLS sampling system. When hydrocarbons are detected, the sampler automatically aborts all activity. The sensor is factory calibrated at a pre-defined safety level. In case the gas sensor detects a concentration above the safety level, an error message is displayed, and an alarming sound is audible.
GLS warning message

GLS Gas & LPG autosampler