XPERT-TOC/TNb: Redefined User-friendliness!

The Trace Elemental Instruments XPERT-Series for the analyses of Total Organic Carbon and Total bound Nitrogen has redefined user-friendliness. The integrated autosampler, with stirring for each sample position, guarantees complete injection directly into the combustion furnace (680°C – 720°C). Samples are introduced in a high-integrity flow path and will be aspirated and dispensed without being in direct contact with a syringe/plunger. In addition, the samples are not being handled through valves, which eliminates any further cross-contamination or memory effect. The built-in maintenance-free condenser removes all water vapor from the combustion gasses prior to detection. For ease of use, parts requiring user interaction are located at the front of the instrument and can be replaced with the push-in connectors without the use of any tools. The software will automatically indicate when action is required.

An additional benefit from the direct injection technique is the ability to handle samples with particle contamination up to a particle size of 800 µm. Samples with extremely high TOC concentrations can automatically be diluted with the autosampler, which extends the measuring range up to 30.000 mg/L. When required, automatic calibration will be carried out from one single stock solution.

Continuity and robustness are key for round the clock analyses. The XPERT guides the user when creating batches and allocates the samples easily into the available vial locations on the tray. Prioritizing or adding additional samples can be done with the click of a mouse, even when the instrument is already in operation. Predefined quality control settings will ensure that each result counts and no time is wasted.