XPRO™: Powerful Combustion - Complete Protection

A solution against soot deposition? TE Instruments introduces the XPRO combustion tube

Some petrochemical products might combust in an unexpected manner and produce soot while being combusted in an elemental analyzer. Samples having other than expected boiling ranges, too large sample volumes, incorrect boat programs or challenging chemical compositions, might contribute to the undesired effect of soot formation. As a result, soot particles could deposit onto the wall of the permeation drier tube, affecting the efficiency to remove water vapor. Eventually, results might become less accurate because of this undesired phenomenon.

TE Instruments has developed a sustainable and reliable solution to overcome this issue: the XPRO combustion tube. It reduces downtime, laborious cleaning sessions and the amount of expensive replacements, particularly for end-users like cargo inspectors or refinery laboratories that analyze a varied sample program including complex matrices. For example products with a large distillation range such as gas condensate or refinery streams with high heavy-end content.

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