Autosampler for Thermo 3000 series

Upgrade your 3000 series combustion analyzer with the Archie autosampler!

The autosampler for thermo 3000. Broken ELS 3000 or NeXYZ autosampler? Tired of spending your budget on repairs? Trace Elemental Instruments has developed a powerful upgrade for your legacy TN/TS 3000 series combustion analyzer, the advanced Archie liquids autosampler.

The first autosampler for thermo 3000 was the ELS 3000. The successor of the ELS 3000 was the NeXYZ autosampler. Both autosamplers have become obsolete and are no longer available. Spare parts for the ELS 3000 as well as the NeXYZ are expensive and hard to obtain.

The future proof solution is combining the Archie liquids autosampler with the TN/TS 3000 series analyzer. TE Instruments made this possible by placing a support bracket on the combustion analyzer, whereby the Archie can be mounted on top of the 3000 series combustion analyzer.


The Archie has numerous advantages compared to the NeXYZ and ELS 3000:

• Samples are measured twice as fast; approximately 3.5 minutes vs. 7 minutes.
• Consumes less reagents.
• No additional bench space required, the Archie is mounted upon the analyzer.
• Direct vertical injection instead of horizontal.
• Reduced signal-noise ratio.
• Less waste.
• Switch easily from liquids to solids module or vice versa, without sampler removal.

The ARCHIE has interesting features over current liquid auto samplers:

• Dual wash position
• Draw & injection speed 0.1 – 300 µl/s
• Auto dilution, creation of standards
• Easy calibration for robotic XYZ positions (20 seconds).

Compared to indirect injection technique:

• Direct injection, faster analysis
• No wash solution injected after sample
• Less use of wash solution
• Less production of organic waste
• Increased up-time of H2SO4 scrubber
• Reduction in H2SO4 waste

The Archie can be seen as a future investment, it matches not only perfectly with the 3000 series but also with the Trace Elemental Instruments Xplorer elemental analyzer. In this way, the transition to eventually a new combustion analyzer can be carried out step by step. By purchasing the Archie now, the investment in an automated liquids auto sampler has already been done.

The 3000 series is electronically driven by the EDAK circuit board. Over the years the EDAK circuit boards have become very expensive and hard to obtain. Many of its components are obsolete or have been replaced by inferior substitutes. That is why TEI introduced the TEIDAK circuit board, another cost-effective future proof solution. The TEIDAK is fully compatible with the original ThEuStm software, but can be upgraded to TEIS, the software used on the latest generation elemental analyzer of Trace Elemental Instruments; The Xplorer.


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