Evolution 1000

Upgrade for ECS1000 for recorders and the analogue coulometers

Your optimal update for ECS1000 recorders and the analogue coulometers. Our digital coulometer and control software with the possibility of connecting it to any ECS1000 system via USB 2.0.

TE Instruments offers a digital coulometer and control software (TEIS) with the possibility of connecting it to any ECS1000 system.

The interface hardware is simply connected via USB 2.0 protocol, which reduces the cost of replacement hardware significantly. Forget about your recorder and coulometer problems for good. Any desktop PC or Laptop will do just fine!

ECS1000 still standing strong

Since its introduction in the mid 80’s, there are still many ECS1000 systems used in the field. Despite the fact that it has proven to be an incredible robust and reliable instrument, replacement of some crucial parts is necessary to keep it in pristine operational condition.

History might turn obsolete

Especially recorder and the analogue coulometer need our special attention. In many cases parts and service are hard to get. TE instruments’ Evolution 1000 brings you the solution.


How does it work?

Control of both bias & gain are now executed via the software (TEIS). Automatic integration of the generated µA signal (titration curve), full storage of measured data, curves, baseline display and recalculation capabilities are now part of the daily routine!

To complete our offer, a modern capillary titration cell is included, with all electrodes and all necessary connectors, to hook it up to your system.

Simplified operations

Expert knowledge about the ECS1000 hardware such as the salt bridge titration cel and settings of the analogue coulometer and recorder skills, are no longer a must in order to obtain spot-on results.


Software control over gain and bias settings Easy operation
No recorder maintenance or consumables Cost reduction
Practically unlimited real time curve and data storage Easy & safe data access
Recalculation of titration curve & results Improved accuracy
Possible data logging of customer changes made in software GLP proof
Statistical protocols (RSD, Shewart-control-chart, etc) Quality warranted over time
Report generator Your lab layout
Printing on demand Whenever you need a hard copy
Data export, e.g. EXCEL Flexible exportable data formats
LIMS export Serving the bigger picture

TE Instruments Analytical Software (TEIS):

Ensuring intuitive and smooth control of your total halogen analysis.
The advanced user interface of the TE Instruments Software (TEIS) ensures the smooth operation of the AOX, EOX, POX analyzers with user-friendly controls and operation. TEIS assists the user to achieve routine analysis in an efficient, fast and reliable way. Instrument operation remains simple with the incorporation of clear and user friendly icons.
This resourceful software makes it possible to modify sample queues, evaluate data and calibration lines, while running analysis. Results can be presented in customized print reports or exported in a variety of data formats.


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