Upgrade for EDAK 1 / EDAK 1.5, PELEC638; TEIDAK


The electronic platform used in the former Thermo (Euroglas) 1200-, 3000-, 4000-series, DeXtar and SphiNCX analyzers supplied from 2002 and later is called EDAK board. Many of these boards fail within the lifetime of the analyzer. Obtaining an original EDAK board has proven to be difficult, costly and no guarantee for problem free operation. TE Instruments provides a future proof and cost effective solution: the TEIDAK.

EDAK board

Over the years the original EDAK circuit boards have become difficult to obtain and very expensive. Many of its components are obsolete or have been replaced by inferior substitutes. In addition, connecting the circuit board to a modern PC is a challenge:

• RS-232 connections are required
• Firmware for the board is hard to find
• Only up to Windows 7 supported

Historically, a lot of effort was required to maintain operation for EDAK boards, resulting in high maintenance and operation costs to keep the analyzer running.

Solution of TE Instruments: The TEIDAK

TE Instruments developed an alternative. Instead of trying to supply customers the original EDAK boards, we offer a future proof and cost effective solution. The solution is a re-design, backwards compatible for all above mentioned analyzers. The size (dimensions) of the board and layout of the ‘on board’ connectors are exactly the same. Replacing this circuit board is even easier due to less connectors. Plug it in and start to analyze again!


Supported Analyzers

The TEIDAK is backwards compatible for all version of EDAK boards, the UNCO electronics are not supported.

The EDAK board has been used in the following analyzers:

• ECS 1200 (chlorine and sulfur MCT)
• ECS 3000 (chlorine and sulfur MCT)
• TN 3000 (nitrogen CLD)
• TS 3000 and TS 4000 (sulfur UV)
• TN/TS 3000 (nitrogen CLD and sulfur UV)
• TN/TS/TX 3000 (nitrogen CLD, sulfur UV and/or chlorine/sulfur MCT)
• DeXtar (chlorine and sulfur MCT)
• SphiNCX (nitrogen CLD, sulfur UV and/or chlorine/sulfur MCT)

Samplers supported

Samplers supported are:

• ELS 3000 (liquids sampler)
• NeXYZ (liquids sampler)

The ECA 1700 and ESA 2000 are obsolete and have a small install base. Contact TE Instruments when one of the samplers are present in the requested configuration prior to offering the TEIDAK.


The TEIDAK is fully compatible with ThEuStm software. Replace the board and start analyzing immediately. Running the TEIDAK with the latest TE Instruments Software (TEIS) is even possible! Some adjustments regarding configuration and methods need to be made which are supported and can be executed by TE Instruments. Please contact your TE Instruments representative for more information.


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