The Xpert, a true All-In-One footprint solution

TE Instruments is proud to present this innovative elemental combustion solution; the Xpert TOC/TNb analyzer. Decades of experience have been deployed to create this new analyzer which represents the ultimate combination of robustness, accurate sample analysis and user convenience. The Xpert enables its user to analyze Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total bound Nitrogen (TNb) simultaneously, within a few minutes from a single injection.

This analyzer can be configured as a combined TOC/TNb or single parameter analyzer. TE Instruments designed the Xpert in a unique way by integrating the liquids autosampler and TN detector into the footprint of the analyzer. No separate modules or footprint expansion. By default, the liquids autosampler is included with every Xpert analyzer.

A fully automatic Total Organic Carbon and Total Bound Nitrogen analyzer following the high temperature with catalyst combustion test methods.


Key features include:

• All-in-one footprint: by default included liquids autosampler
• Valve-less sample introduction eliminates carry over, even of particle-containing samples
• Switch from high ppm’s to low ppb’s in a single run
• ProCATTM combustion tube ensures complete sample oxidation
• Smart operation: execute your TOC application with ease
TEIS Analytical Software: smooth instrument control and application handling
• Fully compliant with all relevant international standards and test methods

We offer targeted solutions, along with the quality you expect and the attention you deserve. Run your TOC applications with ease and report accurate results. Discover the quality of the new Xpert-TOC/TNb analyzer!