Automatic sample preparation system with joint columns for analyzing AOX / TOX

Sample preparation of joint columns by analyzing AOX/TOX labor intensive and time consuming?

The Xprep-A series is the fastest column method sample preparation system in today’s market. Specially designed to meet the requirements mentioned in the international standards ISO, DIN, and EN & GB/T (e.g. ISO 9562). It automatically runs 100 mL water samples over the AOX/TOX columns at controlled sample flow of 3mL/min. Once the water sample has passed through the columns a wash cycle automatically starts, which removes the inorganic load from the surface of the activated carbon. The surplus water and wash solution are collected in a central reservoir, which can be connected to a continuous drainage system or simply emptied when it is full. The process is fully controlled by the sample preparation system that can operate as a stand-alone unit.

Sample preparation system

The Xprep-A6 comes as a single pump configuration. The A6 offers space for 6 positions. In this configuration it runs 6 paired columns in full automatic mode, simultaneously. The second column is to assure the breakthrough of sample does not exceed 10% of the total value.


“Combine the Xprep-A series with the Tuscan column auto sampler for fast, unattended analysis with minimal human intervention and labor time!”

Running the analysis, practically unattended, has become the new reality with the Tuscan column auto sampler. Up to 42 columns can be loaded into the column auto sampler. A full run will take approximately 6-7 hours. While the Xplorer is analyzing, fresh columns can be prepared with the Xprep-A series.


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