Return Material Authorization (RMA)

To support your return shipment, we apply the following process:

All return shipments are coordinated via our Technical Support team in the Netherlands.

Please, contact them via the following email address:

Returns can be related to warranty claims, repairs and missing, wrongly delivered or wrongly ordered parts. All returns have to be approved by the Technical Support before shipment. The team will confirm the Return Material Authorization number (RMA-number) by e-mail.

Shipments without RMA-number have a high change of getting lost, the sender is fully responsible for the shipment and clearly marking the RMA-number on the shipment package & documentation.

The requested information when contacting the Technical Support (via email):

In case of a warranty claim:

  • Serial number of the analyzer and/or the accessory
  • Clear problem description and explanation to support the warranty claim

In case of a repair:

  • Serial number of the part (when applicable)
  • Order number for the repair

In case of missing, wrongly delivered or wrongly ordered parts

  • The order number concerned

When your return request is related to technical problem for which you already have a Support Ticket number, no separate e-mail is required, you can directly discuss the return with the Technical Support team referencing the known Support Ticket number.